Our products

We care deeply about the making of the products we sell. 

Our fresh bread, organic sourdough, is handmade locally, delivered daily, and still warm when it lands on the counter. 

Our chef prepared foods are cooked in small batches, of restaurant quality, and made using ingredients grown and reared on our doorstep. 

Our produce is often super local, and when not we ensure it's organic and from a source we understand and trust.  The same is true of pantry staples like dairy, condiments and dry goods.  

We are lucky to have the very best breweries to buy from when it comes to beer and cider.  And when it comes to table and cook ware, of which we have a really delicious range, we work with makers here in our community as well as further afield, united in an appreciation of beautiful things that function perfectly.

Bottoms up to the makers!