Our Place

Westerlind Pantry was born in the Fall of 2020, worldwide chaos ahoy and the desire for a damn good feast never greater.  Good timing by some accounts, our mission is simple, to bring a little joy by way of good food, cheerful hospitality, and good old fashioned shop keeping.  Thanks for stopping by.   

Now if bricks and mortar is your thing, you will find us in the former Saperstein's Building, a place fondly remembered by many, in Millerton NY, one of America's coolest small towns. An enviably located spot, border country where New York meets Connecticut and Connecticut meets Massachusetts. Abundantly beautiful in every direction.  

We share the building with our sibling business Westerlind, renowned retailer of super stylish technical outdoorware. As obsessed with dressing well are they, as we are with being properly fed, we like to think a trip here is a day well spent.